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Do you really know your Realtor, Dentist, Orthopedic specialist? Etc.?  And, shouldn’t you?


Let me introduce myself…

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My Story

I am Derek Turner, age 61, 4 kids, two adopted, married, live in Ventura, broker/owner of Ventura, Santa Barbara and Oxnard Real Estate Companies… there is so much more!

I grew up in Newport Beach.

Newport Harbor HS Class of 1981. 

Graduated from UCSB and then earned a master’s degree and teaching credential from CLU. 

I coached and taught in the Oxnard School District for 32 years and have lived in Ventura for at least that long! 

I have been buying and selling real estate officially since 2003, purchased my first home in 1986 and currently own four properties, one in Ventura and three in Tehachapi CA.

I currently own Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Oxnard Real Estate Companies.

I really do love the real estate industry, its challenges, and rewards for so many. We work with local attorneys and meet the needs of senior homeowners and their families.  I have Professional Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council designation to better assist our senior population and families.


I have sold and overseen closings of countless homes in Ventura County and around the State.  I currently have 9 agents that work in my office and have close relationships with local title and escrow people, lenders, transaction coordinators, countless service people and friends with huge resource pools. We cooperate with so many, I couldn’t count, other real estate professionals (agents and brokers) all over the country.

Working with investors is what I love most! I have several I work with on a regular basis and we all understand what each other needs. Investors don't have time to waste and know that I will put in the extra efforts these deals need.


I have closed and overseen closings of thousands of properties either for my clients or agents in my office or for my family and truly enjoy selling real estate and making my clients happy. Advice is always free with us!


I learned long ago to own a rental property or two, and love helping people purchase at least one investment property for all the benefits they offer. We are locally owned and lit it this way. I have been offered by numerous corporate offices to sell/come over to their companies and have easily resisted because I like the idea of giving back to our local community tax base and clients.

What else?  I ski, paddleboard, wingfoil, mountain bike, go to church, travel, love my kids, love my wife, like the outdoors, concerts, hanging with friends...

MAXIMUM EXPOSURE is key- As a member of two local MLS’s and one who embraces and use the services of Zillow,, Redfin, etc., market on, Facebook Marketplace and as FB Friends of most Real Estate Professionals all over Ventura County and CA.  This allows us to offer even more value. NO in-house listings!  We give our clients the absolute most exposure possible when selling and have access to more listings and coming on the markets then most anyone. 100% negotiable commissions!


My team is committed and awesome!  We look forward to helping our next client, maybe you, buy or sell your next property!

Let's connect!

All I ask is that you chat with me before signing anything with someone else!  What do you have to lose?


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